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Violated Heroine is an erotic 2D action role-playing game made with RPG Maker 2K. Though originally being a Japanese game, it is being translated to English. Players assume the role of Nanako, a young country girl looking to become an adventurer. Will she become a purehearted hero of justice or will she be captured by goblins and kept as a sex slave? With dynamically changing dialog and branching quest paths it all depends on the choices you make!

To begin playing you'll first have to follow the installation instructions. You must follow each step exactly, skipping anything will mess up your installation. If something seems broken then you should check the common issues before asking for help. Once the game is up and running you'll be able to begin your adventure.

Latest Version: 191222
Latest Translated Version: 191222

Linux Setup

The installation for Linux is on this page here.

Windows Setup

Step 1

  • Change your system locale to Japanese. This requires you to reboot your computer.
  • If you do not change your system locale now, on the first step, you can ruin your entire installation.

Step 2

  • Download RTP and unpack it anywhere.
    • The zip should be 11.7MB.
    • It's recommended you use 7zip when unpacking files.
  • Warning: If you see a bunch of random junk in the filenames instead of Japanese characters you messed up and need to start over.

Step 3

  • You should now have a new folder, RTPセットアップ.
  • Inside the folder is RPG2000RTP.exe, run it to begin installing RTP.
  • The installation will be in Japanese, just keep clicking Next (Next has N> in it) until it's done.

Step 4

  • Download the latest version of the game.
    • The version number corresponds with the release date in a YYMMDD format.
    • You can always find the latest translated version in the pastebin on /vg/ or /h/ (look for /vhg/) or you can get it on Netty Folder from the Violated Heroine thread on Hongfire, or you can get an untranslated version and patch it yourself. It can generally be found on the japanese development forum or in the Netty Untranslated JP Releases.
    • If the archive you downloaded has a password, it will almost always be either "vh" or "nanako" without quotes.
    • Alternate folder
Latest Version: 190811
Latest Translated Version: 190413
  • Once you've downloaded the game, unpack the files into a new folder.
  • There will be two executable files in the game folder, RPG_RT.exe is used to launch the game normally while RTP_RT_FatalMix2010.exe gives you additional commands.
    • If for some reason the game isn't working, check the common issues section for a solution to your problem.

Portable version

You can also uninstall the RTP and still be able to play the game. This is useful if you want to save the game on a USB stick or the like and want to play it on different computers. For this to work, copy the contents of the RTP installation directory into the VH Game directory (where all the files of the game are located). Alternatively you can download the RTP files in packed in RAR format here: Mirror . Unzip with WinRAR or 7Zip. If asked to overwrite folders, choose YES, if asked to overwrite (image) files, choose NO!

Open regedit and search for ASCII in \Software\ and save the registry entry of the RTP package. On a different PC, add the saved registry entry to its registry by doublecliking on the .reg file.

Then add the following to your RPG_RT.ini above GameTitle :


You now have a version of VH with the RTP integrated. Note: If you get an error while running RPG_RT.exe, putting the VH Game directory in C:/Program Files might help (it did for me at least).

AppLocale (Optional)

  • Confirm that the game is working, if you're able to run it without any issues then the installation was successful.
  • If you have AppLocale you may set your system locale back to English.
  • Once you've done that you may launch the game using AppLocale.
    • When asked what language to use, choose Japanese (日本語).
    • You can also create a shortcut which will launch the EXE with the AppLocale settings you just entered.

ChiiTrans (Optional)

  • ChiiTrans will provide automatic machine translation for untranslated sections of the game.
  • Download chiitrans2 then unpack the files and run ChiiTrans2.exe.
  • Press G, set the Executable File to either RPG_RT.exe or RTP_RT_FatalMix2010.exe.
  • If you are using AppLocale then make sure "fix game locale" is enabled before pressing OK.

HF pAppLoc (Optional)

  • Hate dealing with locale settings? This will make things easier.
  • Download HF pAppLoc and install it. That's it.
  • From now on all you have to do is right-click the game exe and select "Run with Japanese locale" to launch the game.

Applying Patches

Step 1

  • Download the latest untranslated version and unpack the archive. Check the sidebar for a link to the Japanese development thread.
  • You can usually find the latest version by looking at the YYMMDD format of its file name.

Step 2

  • Go to the Translation SVN and download the contents of the "trunk" folder. (the "branches" folder contains the latest translations)

Step 3

  • Download RPGMaker Trans and run it after unpacking the files.

Step 4

  • In RPGMaker Trans, click Browse in the Game Location section.
  • Select RPG_RT.exe in the directory of the game you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 5

  • Click Browse in the Patch Location section.
  • Select RPGMKTRANSPATCH in the folder you downloaded in Step 2.

Step 6

  • Make sure Create/Edit Patch isn't enabled.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Once it's completed you will have a translated version of the game with "_translated" appended to the end of the folder name.

Translation Status

In the 2017/07/22 version, the game was completely translated. But since the game is still being worked on there are always new scenes being added. In some unfortunate cases old lines may be updated which requires them to be translated again.

If you happen to know some Japanese and would like to help with the translation, please check out the translation team's website and see if you can lend a hand. Even if you don't know Japanese you can still help out by correcting the spelling and grammar mistakes you spot while playing the game. You don't need to know anything about RPG Maker or game modding, all you will be doing is editing simple text files which contain lines of dialog. If you would like to add new content of your own, you can learn about how to do so here, though it does require some technical skill.

Common Issues

The game wont start, it's spitting out errors and crashing.

Are you running the game with your system locale set to Japanese? If not, set system locale to Japanese, reboot, then try running the game again. If that still doesn't work then you might have skipped a step and messed up your installation. Uninstall RTP and start all over again following each step precisely.

Do I have a corrupt zip file?

Some versions of Windows are unable to correctly unzip files which were created with different system locales. If you see files with random gibberish for a filename instead of Japanese text, you are suffering from this issue. There exists a hotfix which may solve your problem, but it may not work for you. Apply the fix at your own risk. To avoid this problem without needing the hotfix, set your system locale of Japanese before unzipping the file.

FatalMix is crashing but the other executable works fine.

Assuming you've installed RTP correctly and your locale is set to Japanese, it could be a problem with your OS's Data Execution Prevention settings. Follow this guide to add the FatalMix launcher to your DEP-exclude list. If you can't navigate through the menus you can set your system locale to English, follow the guide, then set it back to Japanese once you're done.

Keep in mind that FatalMix is not automatically removed from the list when you delete the file. If you update the game a lot and use this fix every time your list will fill up with duplicate "phantom" entries for FatalMix.

I'm getting errors when running the game with ChiiTrans.

Make sure either your system locale is set to Japanese or use AppLocale to launch ChiiTrans with "fix game locale" enabled before launching the game.

The text is all messed up.

Install these fonts. If that doesn't work, try using this exe to launch the game. If that still doesn't work then use this program to change the font to whatever you want.

How do I get out of fullscreen mode?

Press F4 or Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen.

The game is stuck with weather effects, it's at super fast speeds, or I'm walking through walls.

You must have hit a button and enabled one of the FatalMix commands.

I'm stuck inside a wall.

If you're using the FatalMix launcher, press F, step out of the wall, then press F again.

The game bugged out and it's impossible for me to continue.

It happens, this game has many bugs and glitches. Save often, use multiple saves, always keep a "clean" save without any active quests going. In some cases the FatalMix launcher may be the issue, try playing the game without it. If you've been flying through walls then you might have passed over a critical event trigger which you were supposed to walk through when playing normally.

Can I keep my old saves when updating the game?

You could, but that's generally a bad idea as you have no idea what's changed. Your save might work fine in one version then be completely bugged out in another. Even if the problems aren't immediately visible that doesn't mean some critical quest-related flags weren't changed. Your save might still have the old quest flags active which are now incompatible with the updated quest.

My character's portrait is all messed up or my character just turned into someone else.

Not all the events are compatible with every character. Usually this is just a temporary visual glitch which has no effect on the rest of the game.

My character keeps going towards one direction and controls don't work as they should.

Pressing shift instantly several times while in open world where you can fight will flash the character with red and blue lights. With red you can move freely while blue locks it. (Tested with Nanako)

Japanese locale doesn't work in Windows 8. I'm only getting squares instead of Japanese letters.

Windows 8/10 does not automatically pair language and locale - you need both. Open the control panel. Browse to Clock, Language and Region, pick language and select add a new language. Select and add Japanese and restart your computer.

I'm getting DirectDraw errors such as DDERR_UNSUPPORTED when using Full Screen mode.

Disabling SLI/Crossfire (for multiple video cards) will often fix this issue. You can also change Windows "compatibility mode" settings to a lower resolution, or use AnotherFullscreenMode.

I'm having an error message who look like this. 
ファイル X は開けません

The game can't find or doesn't have the right to open said file. Make sure the file is there and that the game is not located somewhere where he doesn't have the rights to do so.

I want to report a bug to the developers!

Read here.

Button Layout

Player Input

Up Move North
Down Move South
Left Move West
Right Move East
Z Attack/Accept
LShift Special Attack
X Menu/Cancel
F4 Toggle Fullscreen
F5 Toggle Screen Zoom
F12 Reset Game

FatalMix Commands

RShift Skip text. (Stops when dialog choice available.)
A Increase walking speed.
S Decrease walking speed.
F Toggle clipping. (Walk through walls.)
Q Forcefully brings up save menu.
W Forcefully brings up menu.
T Change weather.
Alt + T Changes strength of weather.
= +1,000 gold.
Alt + = +10,000 gold.
, (comma) One-handed mode; will activate/talk when you walk towards something.
 ; Level up.
1 1x game speed.
2 2x game speed.
3 4x game speed.
4 1/2x game speed.
5 0x game speed. (Crashes game.)
0 1x game speed.
F9 Open variable editor.

Bug Report

Go to the japanese developement thread and post a bug report. Here's the template :

【バージョン】 (Version)
【モード】 (Mode) (デバッグ->Debug / 通常->Normal)
【主人公】 (Main Char)
【場所】 (Location)
【症状】 (Conditions)


【バージョン】 160329
【モード】 通常
【主人公】 ななこ
【場所】 ななこの家
【症状】 ジョニーの告白以降→イベントは再び起こりません

Of course, it has to be written in japanese. Try machine translation your conditions with Google Translate, it can still help them.

Quick Tips

If you're just starting the game out, read this section. You might be tempted to just skim over everything, but if you take a moment to actually read the tips you could save yourself a lot of time and frustration.


  • Buy the skill books and use them unlock the more advanced techniques! The most basic skill, the Chi Bullet, is used by holding Shift for a moment then releasing once you're charged up. Using this skill **requires you to read the second skill book** which unlocks the use of the Shift key.
  • Skills like the Chi Bullet use magic, they take MP to cast but they also deal magic damage. Slimes for example are strong against melee and weak against magic.
  • In addition to attacking, monsters will also attempt to rape you. They'll start by ripping off clothing, once your panties are off they'll mount you. In order to protect your chastity you'll have to mash the directional buttons to kick them away, though if you're too slow or too Dirty they'll stick you anyway.
  • Some monsters will ejaculate onto you while in combat, they'll do it more often while you're being raped. This counts against your Cum Outside stat. You can use Marjoram to prevent monster ejaculation, but it only works for a limited amount of time.


  • When starting the game as Nanako you'll automatically be in Hot Spring Town. This town has the easiest quests in the game. Serena on the other hand will start in the Capital, but it's recommended you head over to Hot Spring Town and do those quests first anyway.
  • Guild offices are all marked with one of two signs; a pair of boots with wings on the sides or a single feather. Any building with either of those signs out front is a guild office.
  • In order to start quests you have to read the quest book sitting on the counter, pick a quest, then speak with the guild master and take the job. Some guilds will require you to gain membership before starting quests. In those cases, simply speak with the guild master beforehand and agree to pay their small membership fee.
  • Once accepting a quest, you'll have to complete its objectives then speak to the guild master again to turn it in. Once turned in it will become night and you'll have to sleep at an inn before you can pick up a new quest.

Stats & Inventory

  • Pausing the game (X, ESC Button) will bring up a simple menu screen where you can view basic character stats at a glance.
  • Items will show you your entire inventory, Skills will allow you to change your stance, and Equipment will allow you to change your outfit.
  • In order to view your character's full stats, open the Items screen and select Secret Diary. This will show sex stats, titles, and pregnancy status.
  • While you can open your inventory at any time to use healing items, you're only able to open your Secret Diary in non-combat areas such as towns.
  • The Appearance Fixer item will adjust clothing which are partially torn off, this is so you don't have to take the clothes off and put them back on again just to fix them.


  • In order to save time and money spent travelling, obtain the Portable Portal as quickly as possible.


  • Currently a work in progress, the Locations page is attempting to map out the world of VH.

Other Content

Debug Content

  • Violated Heroine has a lot of scenes and events which aren't completely finished. Some of them can be accessed by playing the game in debug mode.

Selfish Version

  • Also known as the "katteban(勝手版) version," it is a fork of Violated Heroine maintained by its own developer separate from the main group. It is completely separate from the regular version of VH and is only partly translated. It contains unique content and new scenes not found in the regular version of VH. Translated version is here (Alt: [!U8JgFAKS!ziUyRZsME3IdjWcJBUUuoA here]), versions use YYMMDD and look for VH katteban.

Ashley's Past

  • Ashley has additional backstory written, it can be found here.

Content Creation

  • There's a page detailing how to add your own content to VH here.

Wiki Editing

This wiki is free and open to anyone. If you wish to improve it, please follow these guidelines as best you can.


  • This wiki is for the latest version of the game. Older versions will not be supported and outdated information will be updated or removed.
  • Do not add information you haven't personally confirmed to be true by playing the game.
  • Anything requiring debug mode to be enabled should go on the Debug Content page.
  • Please leave a note saying what you're changing, especially if you're changing links.
  • When listing an area name, insert it into brackets like so: [Minotaur's Cave]
    • Places like The Capital and don't belong in brackets, but subsections like [Capital Main Gate] do.
  • In order to avoid having duplicate information everywhere, the Quests page should mostly stick to quest info while any significant h-content should be split off and put on the H-Scenes page. Leave a note about having unique H-Scenes in the Quest Info section.
  • This is a wiki for English-speaking users. Do not add content in any language besides English.
  • If you get stuck or have questions about the game, ask for help in the VH forums, /vhg/, /hgg2d/, or hongfire instead of this wiki.