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It wont let me install it[edit]

 I cant install it n i have followed every step. n i cant find RPG_RT.exe

RPG_RT.exe is in the downloaded archive.

Secret Diary Page 2[edit]

 Clothes other than the kungfu dress don't change with pregnancy in my game, is this a known bug or are my game files fucked?

Not all clothes are compatible with the pregnancy function.

Thanks for responding! Was worried that the game files/ save got bugged out.

Should we add a current version headline to the main page?[edit]

 I feel as if we had a latest version number pasted at the top of the main page it would allow people to know when to update from their outdated game.
 Latest Version: 170129
 Latest Translated Version: 170122

I've added a link in the sidebar, and I'll add what you said at the top of the page + specify it in the downloads.

Where should new and returning users look to learn what the current latest versions are?[edit]

Near as I can tell, the Netty folders show 170530 as the current versions they've got available, but I can't really properly navigate the JP Dev Thread to confirm anything after 2016, nor do I know if there's anything in the translation's Assembla SVN wiki and pages that informs translators which version the files they're working on are for.

"Town Guard's Meat Toilet" Not Able to be Done[edit]

I don't know if it does this after the Ryokan Bathhouse acquiring of "meat toilet" but, if you have the title of "meat toilet" for Nanako at the beginning of the game following the "hiding in box" event, if she gets "gangraped in the men's bath" and attempts to report the incident to the town guard in "the most northeastern building in town, the door all the way on the right side", the event cannot continue as Nanako has "nothing to report". Maybe this event has purity/dirty requirements? Or maybe getting this title again is not allowed, although the Ryokan Bathhouse event is still doable following the "hiding in box" event.

- I checked quickly, you must have the variable 0025 to at least 1 to get the choices "I was raped at...etc". Maybe getting this title at the beginning of the game sets this variable to a value that consider it over. I invite you to report it to the devs. (Or test it further since "you don't know if it does this after the Ryokan Bathhouse acquiring of "meat toilet")

I have attempted to report this bug to the Japanese development forum multiple times over the course of a few months, all translated, with the provided template. However, it would seem that the bug is never fixed and the report, to my knowledge, is never even noticed. Is there a specific procedure to the bug reporting process I am missing?

- They have replied to you. Maybe there's more, but here the 2 answers I found : Basically, they say that the title has nothing to do with this, it's a conditional branch with your status (purity / dirty) and with variables I told you about. (You can report from being raped in the toilet, or the All Men's bath) They don't see it as a bug, your hot spring variable must not be at the right value to be able to report it. (I think you can trigger it only if you're raped AND pure)

netty is down?[edit]

 i tried to access the netty folder and untranslated netty folder the two of them is down

- Yes, new ones have been created and I updated the links.