Succubus Training

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Quest Info[edit]



  • Enter Mel's house, it is the one with vines growing on it in Hot Spring Town.
  • Read the note about monster synthesis on the bookshelf.
  • Speak with Mel and accept her offer to collect monster semen.
  • Speak with Mel again to begin the job.
    • A basement stairway will now be open.
    • Inside the basement are three cages, one containing a Slime, one a Goblin, and one a Minotaur.
    • Nanako must enter each one, get fucked, then return the semen still in her vagina to Mel.
    • Note: Serena monologue during sex with the goblin contains romajized Japanese exclamation "kisama" (you).
  • Talk to Mel after returning semen samples from all three monsters.
    • Mel will reward Nanako with 20,000G.
  • Speak with Mel once more and she will open the stairway to the monster basement again.
    • Note: Nanako's Dirty must be high enough to open the monster basement again, otherwise Mel will just talk about her books.
    • Note: Nana ends her quest here.
  • Nanako must now sell three monster babies to Mel.
    • It doesn't matter what kind of monster babies they are, Mel just needs three.
    • The contraceptive from the semen collection may still be active. Either take an Ovulation Drug or sleep in an inn.
    • The quickest and easiest way to get three monster babies would be to go into the basement and become impregnated by the slime three times.
    • Different breeds of monster babies sell for different prices (Slime=2000G, Goblin=3000G, Minotaur=3000G)
  • After selling three monster babies to Mel, speak to her again.
  • Nanako will be offered a job requiring her to become impregnated and give birth to Mel's experiment.
    • Accepting the offer will have Mel lead Nanako into a basement then impregnate her with a monster semen injection.
      • After some time Nanako will give birth and leave the half-monster with Mel.
      • Nanako is rewarded with 10,000G.
    • Refusing the offer will have Mel knock out Nanako using magic. Nanako then wakes up in the basement already impregnated with a monster semen injection.
      • The next day Nanako is given the option stay or escape (Really? Latest builds don't have this option, it seems).
        • Choosing to escape will have Nanako run to the Capital and have an abortion.
          • This permanently ends the quest with no reward given. Monster babies can still be sold to Mel.
          • If Nanako speaks to Mel again Mel will lock Nanako in a dungeon and have her raped by slimes as punishment then boot her back outside.
        • Choosing to stay will have Nanako remain in the cell until giving birth. No reward is given but the quest may continue.
  • After giving birth to Mel's experiment, obtain the succubus title.
    • This may be done at any point in the game, but from this point on it is required to continue the quest.
    • To obtain the title, go to the church basement (outside on the western side of the church) in the Capital at night.
    • There is a succubus there, speak with her and accept the succubus title.
  • Return to Mel and speak with her, she will call in her familiar to begin Nanako's succubus training.
    • Bug: (Since Netty's pre-patched version 161029 as Nanako) Game freezes after the dialog has finished
      • Fix: Aha, I'm so smart. Using the FatalMix launcher, go into noclip mode and talk to Mel while standing on the blue book.
    • During the training Nanako must fuck the Goblin, then the Minotaur, then the Slime.
    • After fucking all three, speak with Mel's familiar to end Nanako's training and give her a sore vagina.