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Adventurer Card +Needed to accept guild quests in Hot Spring Town.
Appearance Fixer +Used to fix clothing which is half torn off.
Attribute Seal +Used to toggle pregnancy nipples, scat, and x-ray scenes on an off.


Base Metal Bracelet +Unlocks Grihastha main storyline (still incomplete) after coming out from old man shack in Visit Son's Grave Sequence.
Bomb Stone +Used for Erika's special attack.
Book 1 +Teaches [[Whirlwind Leg]].
Book 2 +Enables skills which are activated with the Shift button.
Book 3 +Teaches [[Counter]].
Book 4 +Teaches [[Murajigeki]].


Capital Ticket +Can be traded in to ride the horse-train from Hot Spring Town to the Capital.
Colored Charm +Ghost Mystery quest item.
Comb +Used to let Nanako's hair down.


Erotic Book +Teaches [[Masturbation]].


Flame Seal Pendant +Protects against fire magic.
Free Pass +Allows free Horse-Train access between Hot Spring Town and the Capital.


Ghost Town Key +Unlocks basement door in Dead Village.
Goblin Pearl +Initiates the Goblin Bride quest chain when being defeated by Goblins.


Hair Clip +Puts Nanako's hair up in a ponytail.
Holy Symbol +Holy clove sword. Clears mind with prayer. Unknown use, is alway greyed out???
Hot Spring Ticket +Can be traded in to ride the horse-train from the Capital to Hot Spring Town.


Magic Gem +Allows to see fairies around the world.
Magic Home Key +Used to enter secret hideout.
Map +Displays world map.


Porn Shop Member ID +Used to enter the VIP area of the Porn Shop.
Portable Portal +Brings up a map screen and allows you to teleport to towns you've already visited.
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