Johnny's Visit

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  • Available after completing Bodyguard Request.
  • When sleeping in Nanako's house, Johnny will knock on the door.
    • Choosing not to answer the door will just have him knock again whenever going to sleep.
  • When letting him in he will ask to be Nanako's boyfriend.
    • If Nanako accepts he will grab her breasts and ask for sex.
      • If Nanako declines he will kiss her before leaving.
      • If Nanako accepts they fuck on her bed before he leaves.
        • Final Stats:
          • Intercourse + 1
          • Cum Inside + 1
          • Title: In Love
    • If Nanako declines she can at least give him a "happy memory" or just let him walk off.
      • The happy memory is a blowjob and Nanako sucks his dick before he leaves.
      • Final Stats:
        • Cum Outside + 1