Hot Spring Town

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The default starting town for most VH protagonists except for Serena, Eia, Rin, and Lime. The monster populations around the town are fairly weak. Hot Spring Town is the one location in the game that is the most complete in terms of quests and general things to do. The town may only have one Horse Train that take you to the Capital, but you can get to other city and towns by foot. Other settlements reachable by foot are Eisen, Delvanka, Barqahasa, Grihasta, and Underground City (albeit a lot trickier and some flags are not fully in place.)



Notable places:

  • Bar
  • Demon Loan Shark
    • You can get a loan here but be wary of the game over if you don't pay back in time.
  • Nanako's House
    • The building above the guild. Costs 10,000G.
    • Comes with a basement that is a big pet monster breeding facility.
  • Blue-Haired's Youngster House (ruined)
  • Coffee Shop
    • You can buy food and drink here, being full will give you a regen boost when you walk outside town while drinking increase your need to find a bathroom...
  • Stores
  • Adventurer Guild
    • You can find the quests available in this guild right here.
  • Inn
  • Bathhouse
  • Debugging Stores
    • They are located in Nanako's house basement.
  • Family's House
  • Siblings House
  • Restroom
  • Central fountain
  • Train Station
  • Overzealous Couple's House
  • Mel's House
  • Soldier's House
  • Bench by the water
  • Henry (Night event only)
  • The hideaway of Scylla inside the well (available to Serena during the night)