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  • A man with blue hair will be standing by the fountain at night, his name is Henry.
  • Nanako may speak with him or ignore him, ignoring him will simply end the conversation.
    • If Nanako is completely naked and her Dirty is high enough, she make shake his hand which immediately cuts to her prostituting herself in the inn.
  • After chatting a bit, Henry will ask Nanako out on a date.
    • Accepting the offer will have Nanako and Henry go on a date then go to the inn to have sex.
    • Requesting money will have Nanako offer to prostitute herself for the night.
    • Refusing will end the conversation.
  • After have sex with him, he will ask you to be your boyfriend,
    • Well, I...like you though...
    • I'm sorry, I can't,
  • Once your his boyfriend you can do more aggressive things once you talk to him again at night, which is to be gangbanged by his friends and you can also give him a blowjob right after he cums inside you. He will have a different dialogue if you still have semen inside your vagina when having sex with him, which he will state you cheated on him. (However when it is his semen he still says it)
  • Once Henry and Nanako go back to the inn, Nanako discovers he's quite good at pleasing a woman.
    • If Nanako is pregnant he'll ask who it belongs to.
    • If Nanako is prostituting herself, Henry will leave her a tip.
    • At first it seems like he paid 1,000G, but upon further inspection it turns out he swindled her and only paid 200G.
  • Note: Henry will only pay for sex twice.
  • Warning: when you have sex with him and it turn day the Guild Quest doesn't allow you to take another quest because he doesn't know you slept. Therefore when you go outside, it becomes night.
  • Final Stats:
    • Intercourse + 1
    • Cum Inside + 1