Bellepher's Bitch

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Quest Info[edit]



  • Go to the top floor of the inn.
  • Speak with the Fat Man, he will offer Nanako 5,000G to let his dog fuck her.
  • If Nanako's Dirty is high enough she may accept the offer.
  • After having sex with Bellepher, the Fat Man's dog, Nanako will wake up in one of the rooms from the inn.
    • Nanako's Bitch title will now be 1/4th complete.
    • Nanako will let Bellepher fuck her again if her Dirty is 50+ but the reward will only be 10G.
  • From here on out Nanako must fuck three other dogs, it does not matter which order they are in.
    • Note: If Nanako fucked the Stray Dog "accidentally" before Bellepher, the Bitch title can't be made, will be always 3/4th after the rest dogs. Fucking the Stray Dog again after Bellepher won't increase the Bitch title completeness.
  • Capital Dog:
    • Located in the trade district of the Capital, it is not the dog in the Slums.
    • Nanako may only fuck this dog at night.
  • Underground Dog:
    • Located in the northeastern part of Underground Town.
    • Note: The Underground Town can be accessed via the portal in the Witch's Shack basement during the Enter Underground City quest.
  • Stray Dog:
    • Located right west of the Goblin Cave entrance.
    • This one can be tricky because there are hostile Goblins in the area.
    • It may be wise to kill all Goblins in the area before fucking the dog.
    • The dog will attack Nanako at first, but after having sex it will no longer be hostile for the rest of the game.
  • Once Nanako has fucked all four dogs she will then gain the Bitch title.
    • With the Bitch title Nanako may become impregnated by dog semen.
  • Return to the Fat Man and become impregnated by Bellepher.
  • Once Nanako owns the home, Bellepher's baby will be walking around in it. Interact with the baby and have it age.
  • Once the baby ages it becomes Nana.