Milking Machine

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Quest Info[edit]



  • Return to the ranch and grab the Milking Machine from the chest.
    • If you speak with the ranch owner first, he will give you the milking machine from the chest, but the quest won't progress from this point.
  • Exit the ranch.
    • The Large Bull outside will run away.
  • Go back inside and speak with the ranch owner.
    • Select the first option.
      • Nanako gets 2,000G.
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Yes, very much. Copied from the other WH Wiki at HGames Wiki and modified further:

  • You may want to come back once Nanako has bred a half-minotaur (she needs to have the child with her). Leave the ranch and reenter. You will be proposed by the farmer to undertake a new quest for Bull semen:
    • Accept the quest, and talk to Mel (Hot Springs Town).
    • Get the semen from the minotaur and talk to Mel again; she will give you Bull semen.
    • Return to the ranch, and give the semen to the farmer.
  • A few days later, a bull will appear in the farm. You can help the farmer (1st choice), and if you are in horny state, you will wake in the middle of the night and can have fun with the bull. (Doesn't trigger for me for some unknown reason. Sleeping at the inn while horny would not wake Nanako during the night as well.)
  • After helping the farmer 3 times, a H-scene will trigger [if Nanako's dirty is high enough (it may also trigger if you have low dirty but few clothes on with different dialog)]. This seems to be the only way to give birth to a "farm uncle" baby. Beware that if you come back with his child, you may have to leave it there. The next time you visit the farmer, you will see in his place an unfamiliar woman. If you don't have the "ranch uncle" baby with you, she will inform you of his passing away and ask you to search for his potential heir, equipping you with some magical paternity detection stone in the process.
  • If you give the baby to the woman you are able to come back to help with the farm and chat with her.During one of the chats Nanako and the woman will use the stone on one of the cows, revealing that it is the Rancher's offspring.
  • After this event there will be a cutscene (after you help her) where the woman will have sex with the bull while Nanako is sleeping.